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Dear user, thank you very much for visiting our website.

Our endeavour is to take social responsibility. This includes promoting social and cultural projects in our region and active involvement as a good neighbour.

Our company, the employees and the shareholders are personally involved for the common welfare.

Hochland SE decided to support organisations in the region – particularly around the location of our head office – with donations of money and goods for specific projects. The focus is on the support for children and young people.

If your inquiry does not concern a regional project, unfortunately, as a general rule we are not in a position to sponsor this project.

Hochland SE’s subsidiaries abroad give similar support to social and cultural projects at their locations.

As a popular international food company, we receive many inquiries for donations to non-profit and cultural institutions, associations, schools and kindergartens, for example.

Given the high number of inquiries, unfortunately, we have to make this decision, even if that means refusing many projects which deserve to be endorsed as well.

We would like to wish you every success in your project.

Petra Berners
Corporate Communications Hochland SE

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